Speech and Stage Coaching

Speech and stage coaching is the professional accompaniment, feedback and intervention during the course of speech or dialogue.

It aims to detect psycho-physical habits and interpretative choices that undermine a natural, deep in meaning and wide in variety oral expression. It works as such towards the refinement of listening, the appreciation of written and oral language structures, a sensitization of the speaker in the sense of a self-emotiveness that culminates into pleasure, and therefore toward the maximum impact of speech, always via the initiative of the speaker/interlocutor.

Konstantin Rizos 18/08/2018

For Whom


→Hosts, Journalists, Youtubers, Podcasters

→Trainers, Presenters,  Public Speakers and Professors

→Actors, Readers, Orators, Story-tellers

→Mental Health Professionals

→Professional Speakers and Interlocutors

Sample topics

→Fear of exposure and stress

→Voice projection


→Audience Interaction

→Tailoring speech to audience and subject matter (jargon, formality, tone)

→Technical and emotional management of live dialogue

→Functional structure with regard to goals

→A full of meaning transition from written to oral language

→Beyond prepared speech, toward improvisation

→Elements of Rhetoric and the dramatic action

→Narration as a composition strategy in non-fiction speech

→Non-directiveness in interlocution and interviewing

→Organizing an oral performance as a director (a show, training, recording etc)

→Entrance routines for performances

→The spectrum of address to the audience, from narration to mimesis

→Analysis of oral interpretation into musical choices

→The written text as a score, punctuation, phrasing and breath

→Radical revision of the acting mannière

→Other issues which may concern you:

Inadequate breath, inhaling sound, skewed reception of the transmitted message, nasal timbre, coarse timbre, stage fright, inadequate voice projection, flat delivery, repeating words/sounds/phrases, absence of flow along with inhibiting pauses and loss of the train of thought.

The Method

Applied theater + Literary theory + Coaching + Music skills+ The Alexander technique Values

This is the basis of what I do and how I go about doing it.

Stay tuned and see how each of these pieces plays into my work in the upcoming days. I will be adding a blog post on each!

The Coach

Konstantin is a practicing Speech and Stage Coach since 2015, having worked with professionals in fields such as journalism, event planning, theater, and training as well as secondary education.

Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Performance from Bard College, New York.

Has a state certification on Classical Harmony, and took voice and musical composition workshops throughout his college years.

Has attended post-university acting training, focused on music aspects of the actor’s voice, at the Drama School of the National Theater of Northern Greece.

Has completed successfully the seminar series and practicum on Life Coaching and Mentoring organised by the University of Aegean, Greece.

Is currently in practicum for his EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) coach certification at Practitioner level, through the academy of Coaching Evolution Intl.

Is currently in training to improve his “Use” and become an Alexander Technique instructor at E.T.A.P.P (École Technique FM Alexander de Paris pour Professeurs).

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